reflex inhibition

reflex inhibition
1) рефлекторное торможение
2) запаздывание рефлекса
* * *
рефлекторное торможение

English-russian biological dictionary. 2013.

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  • Reflex — A reaction that is involuntary. The corneal reflex is the blink that occurs with irritation of the eye. The nasal reflex is a sneeze. * * * 1. An involuntary reaction in response to a stimulus applied to the periphery and transmitted to the… …   Medical dictionary

  • inhibition — 1. Depression or arrest of a function. SEE ALSO: inhibitor. 2. In psychoanalysis, the restraining of instinctual or unconscious drives or tendencies, especially if they conflict with one s conscience or with societal demands. 3. In psychology, a… …   Medical dictionary

  • inhibition — /in i bish euhn, in hi /, n. 1. the act of inhibiting. 2. the state of being inhibited. 3. something that inhibits; constraint. 4. Psychol. a. the blocking or holding back of one psychological process by another. b. inappropriate conscious or… …   Universalium

  • Reflex arc — A reflex arc is a neural pathway that controls an action reflex. In higher animals, most sensory neurons do not pass directly into the brain, but synapse in the spinal cord. This characteristic allows reflex actions to occur relatively quickly by …   Wikipedia

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  • inhibition — /ɪnəˈbɪʃən / (say inuh bishuhn), /ɪnhə / (say inhuh ) noun 1. the act of inhibiting. 2. the state of being inhibited. 3. Psychology the blocking of any psychological process by another psychological process. 4. Physiology a restraining, arresting …  

  • enterogastric reflex — en·tero·gas·tric reflex .gas trik n reflex inhibition of the emptying of the stomach s contents through the pylorus that occurs when the duodenum is stimulated by the presence of irritants, is overloaded, or is obstructed * * * inhibition of… …   Medical dictionary

  • Hering-Breuer reflex — Her·ing Breu·er reflex her iŋ brȯi ər n any of several reflexes that control inflation and deflation of the lungs esp reflex inhibition of inspiration triggered by pulmonary muscle spindles upon expansion of the lungs and mediated by the vagus… …   Medical dictionary

  • ileogastric reflex — inhibition of gastric motility by distention of the ileum …   Medical dictionary

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  • peritoneointestinal reflex — inhibition of motility of the stomach and intestine resulting from retroperitoneal irritation or hemorrhage …   Medical dictionary

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